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Do you have a file, and when you double click on it, nothing happens? Tried to open it with every program imagineable, and still no luck? Did you spend valuable time looking up its file extension (ex. RAR,EXE,ZIP,PDF) online. Dont waste your time and energy anymore! There is a much easier and automated way. FileCure will scan and help you open any file extension you need!

Follow the 4 Easy Steps Below to Open Files:

1. Download FileCure
2. Click "Save File" and follow the simple installation instructions
3. Scan your computer with the application
4. Select the 'Fix Now' button to open & repair file extensions


 Key Benefits:

  -Directs you to the appropriate software to open common file types 
  -Easy-to-use drag and drop analysis of file extensions
  -Scans your registry to let you know which extensions are currently supported 
  -File Manager feature makes it easy to control the associations between extensions and applications-
  -Monitors your system and alerts you if something is trying to alter your file extension associations


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   Repair & open any file extension now!

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